Network Adapter PowerShell Scanner

Hi community friends!

We are looking to expand our PowerShell scanner library in GitHub and need your help.

We'd like to get some feedback from the community regarding a new scanner that checks for the cellular adapter info. Unfortunately, we don't have access to any computers that have a cellular adapter.

If you have access to a computer with a cellular adapter, it would be awesome if you could run this PowerShell scanner and let us know what you find. Screenshots would also be highly appreciated. If you don't, then you are a lot like me and I think you are cool.

You can checkout the Pull Request on GitHub here: Cellular Adapter Info by smbolster · Pull Request #81 · pdq/PowerShell-Scanners (



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  • This worked great on a batch of Surface Pro 7+ with Verizon SIM cards, I greatly appreciate you sharing!

    All of the data populated correctly in the applicable fields, I was mainly looking for IMEI, ICCID, and Device Phone number in our environment, but the other information is very helpful.



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