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Hi Guys,

I want to provide new computers with a collection of packages. New computers are recognized in which the computer name have a certain structure. For this I have built a collection in PDQ Inventory, which contains these computers. When the computers are installed, the computer name is changed again. How do I have to set the Schedule so that each of these computers will have the software installed?

On Once with offline settings permanently? I would guess when the collection is empty the trigger stops working.

On Heartbeat? Sounds reasonable to me!

Maybe on Interval as well?

I would use the Stop deploying to targets once they succeed option. What happens if for example 7 out of 8 packets succed and 1 failed?

What is best practice?

Thank you for your answer




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  • We have a schedule and collection like this, except we target an OU where we put our new computers. We run this on an interval schedule every hour. The trigger type can be as aggressive or relaxed as you need.

    Heartbeat will only work when a computer disconnects from Inventory and then Reconnects. I wouldn't use a heartbeat for a new computer in my environment, because the new computers do not get turned off an on often. A heartbeat may work for you but it depends.

    Keep in mind that if you change the computer name, Deploy will see it as a new computer. So if the schedule deployed packages to PC1234NEW and you changed the computer name to PC1234OLD and it remained in the collection, Deploy would trigger the schedule and packages to it again even with the stop deploying on success option checked. 

    It really comes down to your environment and how you are managing the computers.

  • I have a dynamic collection that includes any computer that is missing each application, then the Deploy task is on a heartbeat trigger targeted on that collection.  If you are using packages that Deploy already provides, then the collections are all set for you automatically.

    No worries about names or anything for software that should be on all machines.   If it is supposed to be on the machine, it gets installed if it is missing for any reason, forever.

    If it is a more specific package...   then I have a static collection that list what machines it is assigned to, and if one of them is missing, then it installs.

    Changing name in AD with AD sync....   I have found the computer object updates the name to match.

    Same thing with targeting a collection with "old Versions" for those auto-subscribed packages in Deploy to maintain updates.



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