Deploying Fonts Filename Issue

Hello I followed this guide online:

Which works great however it should be noted that if the font has a space in the file name it will not install on the remote computer. For example within the directory that has "ADD_Fonts.cmd" I had a font file named "1GDT-SPC Font.ttf" which would not install on the targeted computer until I renamed the font to "1GDT-SPC-Font.ttf"

Perhaps you can modify the script to resolve that or the blog to note this so others who run into this issue are aware.



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  • If you have spaces in your file names and you don't put the path or file name in quotes then CMD or PowerShell will not handle it as you intend.

  • Right but would you specify the filename within this script then?

    I only see: "REM Optional Add source folder as parameter with ending backslash and dont use quotes, spaces are allowed"


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