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Powershell Scanner Potato Mode

Simple FYI story... I was scratching my head why simple PS scanner gives me different results when I exec same command remotely with PS or  with "run command" option.

I could not find "Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension" from scanner results, drove me mad.


Friday is near, potato mode activated.

Have phun ! 



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  • I ran that command with a "Where-Object" just to filter the results in a tool and it's working, so I'd assume it would also work in a scanner.

    Get-AppxPackage -Allusers | Select Name, PackageFullName | Where-Object -Property Name -eq "Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension"

    I made a quick scanner with the same command and it returned the same results. So I'd assume there is some setting in the scanner that is causing this to fail but I can't say for sure.

    Hope that helps, almost Friday!

  • Sure, but my intention was to get all packages, so I have only one PS result window and I can make differ. collections. Answer was row limit. Hence the "potato mode" :)

  • Your scan was setup to get you all the results. I was just limiting my results to determine if the HEIF could be found. I didn't try running a full scan like you had though.

    When I did a full scan to get all I couldn't find it either. I think their may be an issue with the amount of results the scanner returns. My scanner only shows 100 results but the command returns 203 results total. I'd say contact if you're seeing the same thing. It could be a bug, limitation, or configuration; but this ones new to me.

    I'd be interested to know what you hear back.

  • Answer is definitely "Its not a bug, its feature" :)

    scanner row limit is by default 100 and does not extend by itself, not a big issue here but i just totally overlooked that (same like "my computer not working!" as IT person you assume it is plugged in and dont ask this "stupid question" :D )

    FYI Files & Directories scanner default is 2500.