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Add Fields to PDQ Deploy Summary/Detail Report

Is there any way to add to the available fields you can show on the PDQ Deploy summary/detail reports, other than Computer name, Status, and Steps?  I'd settle even for just the Computer Description, which is much more useful for us now that we are starting to standardize on PC Name being a generic asset tag number.  I'm assuming this has to be pretty standard in the industry, so surprised PDQ doesn't give options for "logged on user" or "PC Description" to make these more useful without having to go lookup "which PC was this?"

Not seeing anything useful in here, and I've looked at both the Summary and the Detail reports:




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  • I've been working with it this way for many years and have always desired to see better name mapping. If PDQd were able to display some of the information that is available in PDQi and let us choose that for our interface, it could mean good things!