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Deploy Printer drivers

I have this issue whereby if I try to connect a "printer server shared printer" for logged on Domain users, it will ask for admin ID & password. I have tried & enabled various GPO settings but cannot seem to bypass that.

But if the "printer server shared printer" was previously connected and installed by another user, "future" users can connect to that "print server shared printer" without prompting for admin ID & password.

So I was wondering if I can install printer drivers (it is a FujiXerox 5575 copier) on the laptops to simulate (such that the printer drivers are installed via PDQ deploy) ?



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  • We ran into something similar a while back, it may have been related to print nightmare. We were adding printers via GPO but it stopped working and we had to manually add them through an admin user. I can't find the article the helped us out, but we ended up adding printers via powershell through Deploy that fixed the issue.

    We run this for each printer and that seems to work, hope it helps.

    Add-Printer -ConnectionName "Printer Share UNC"

  • Thanks James.....

    I would think PDQ Deploy would by pass the UNC as it is in a way using admin creds in the cmd or PS.

    But that would mean using an overly complex method of trying to use PDQ inventory to try detect if the machines are online in the office network & not via VPN (detecting current "shared" printers was deemed impossible) then removing the current printer and adding the new printer.

  • You should be able to make a script to detect the printer and run it from there. If you have PDQ Inventory you could make a PowerShell scanner and make a collection. If you just have deploy you'd need to make a script to search for the printer and add it if its not found.

    PDQ should be able to pass any UNC you include and perform the setup if the credentials have the permissions. I'm not the best at PowerShell but this may work.

    $Printer = Get-Printer -Name "\\Share\PrinterName"  -ea SilentlyContinue
    if ($True -ne $Printer){Add-Printer -ConnectionName "\\Share\PrinterName"}