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Server cannot find file

Howdy community,

I am struggling with the Warning "Server cannot find file \\UNC-Path".

What I tried and checked:

* Does my deploy user has permissions to the file share? He can read and write?

* Under OptionsBackground Services is Service running and the user is the same as in the permission for the sharde folder.

Can anybody tell me why the pdq server cannot locate the file?

thanks and greetings from Bavaria,





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  • Is this error from ALL computers or just one?  Are they in a remote location?  If you login to that machine with the credentials of the service, can you browse the \\UNC or even ping it?  It could be a firewall issue.

  • The error ist from computer where pdq deploy is installed.

    Here's the screenshot:

    I can ping the file server and I can browse the UNC-Path

  • Does the account of the background service have permission to access the path?

  • Try using the fully qualified domain name of the server instead of just the server name, e.g:

  • I have the same problem.  Here's what I've tried. These steps work, just not with PDQ deploy.

    1. Log in with the service account. This is the same user as Options > Background Service

    2. Verify the service is running.

    2. Using the service account user, Navigate to the network share and run the app manually.  The app is accessible to all users.

    3. Change the Package to use the FQDN.

    Has anyone resolved this successfully?

  • I am having the same issues. Has there been any resolutions for anyone on this?

  • Just fixed this issue by finding the service for PDQ Deploy in Services on the server, then stopping and starting it.

  • Posting in case this is helpful to anyone still having this issue. I tried restarting PDQ Deploy service on the server with no luck. I ended up reinstalling PDQ Deploy on my local machine and it fixed the issue for me.