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can i remotely edit registry through a script

i need to delete this registry entry from multiple computers and suggestions

HKLM\SYSTEM\controlset001\control\print\environments\windows x64 drivers\version 3\HP Color LAserjet Pro MFP M277 PCL 6"



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  • Found this on Google.



    reg delete <keyname> [{/v Valuename | /ve | /va}] [/f]


    Parameter Description
    <keyname1> Specifies the full path of the subkey or entry to be added. To specify a remote computer, include the computer name (in the format \\<computername>\) as part of the keyname. Omitting \\<computername>\ causes the operation to default to the local computer. The keyname must include a valid root key. Valid root keys for the local computer are: HKLMHKCUHKCRHKU, and HKCC. If a remote computer is specified, valid root keys are: HKLM and HKU. If the registry key name contains a space, enclose the key name in quotes.
    /v <Valuename> Deletes a specific entry under the subkey. If no entry is specified, then all entries and subkeys under the subkey will be deleted.
    /ve Specifies that only entries that have no value will be deleted.
    /va Deletes all entries under the specified subkey. Subkeys under the specified subkey are not deleted.
    /f Deletes the existing registry subkey or entry without asking for confirmation.
    /? Displays help at the command prompt.
  • I would attempt to delete it on your machine or a test machine using command line or Powershell, then you should be able to add it right into a deployment using CMD or PS step. OR you can make it into a tool in PDQ INV and then use it that way. 

    Hope this helps. I've dealt with this too.