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Clarification on "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed"

Is this setting tied to the version number of the auto-download packages?
For example, if I have it checked (e.g. stop deploying...) & it succeeds at updating everyone to version 1.0 of software package X, will it reset & try to update everyone again when version 2.0 of software package X auto-downloaded? Or is it literally, never try to deploy again once any version has succeeded? 



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  • Leave that option unchecked on your schedule.  When the next version comes out, it will update the older clients if your Targets is set to the Chrome (old) collection under Collection Library.


  • I had the same question. So once here I thought lets give it some more explanation, hoping its correct.

    I would say if it is an one time installation which doesnt need an update (eg. a wake-on-lan-package) you should tick the box.

    If its software which is updated regularly leave the box unticked. Like Mike said you want to choose xxx (old) as target collection in your schedule. By this its set that a machine which is up-to-date wont receive the same version twice or even continouly.

  • "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" is tied to the Target History tab of the schedule. Target History is automatically cleared for Auto Download packages. If you are pointing your schedule at a dynamic collection that only contain computers needing the package, it is okay to not use "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" as it should only targeting computers needing it. This is also helpful because sometimes things happen and a computer that got the package in the past may end up needing it again.

  • "Target History is automatically cleared for Auto Download packages."

    True. Ive never noticed it only shows deployments of the newest version. I should have had a closer look.

    I think its also clearing for schedules which doesnt contain Auto Download Packages. At least I just double checked our target history for FireFox and its listing deployments of the newest version only. And we are not using Auto Download for FF.

    Thanks anyway!