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installation question



I have installed PDQ Inventory / Deploy on a server. As an admin, I can use both  application, I looking for a way to allow a Tech to run the same application on the server in question.  But tu run the console, admin right are needed and I not sure that I want to give admin righ to a tech, is there a way to run the application whitout admin right ?





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  • The tech can install PDQ Deploy and Inventory on their computer as a client during the setup point to your server. This will allow them to fully utilize the tool without need to access the server. Their user will need to be added to PDQ as a console user. When they are using the software, it counts against however many license seats you have purchased. 

  • Hi Charles-André Bélanger,

    The suggestion by James D is correct.  It's worth noting that if you decide to go with a Central Server setup, any users launching the client console will need to be an admin on the computer they're launching the console from (local admin).  The Credentials Explained article goes over the requirements and the articles below will explain how to set up Central Server.

    Configuring Central Server - PDQ Deploy
    Configuring Central Server - PDQ Inventory