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Deploy Microsoft Teams profile based version silent

we are working on switching away from our machine based installs of Teams to User / Profile based and having an issue when deploying w/ PDQ.   I know you can install the machine based installer but as i understand that will only do the user based install on the first login of a profile so that wouldn't work in our case since a profile is already established.  

I can locally run the Teams_windows_x64.exe w/ the -s switch only if i run it via cmd/powershell as NON-admin.   if you run as admin first it gives a open file warning prompt.  which is where the PDQ issue comes in.....i know it be default runs everything elevated so i'm there any way to push this w/out that elevated method?



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  • Have you tried running it as the logged on user?

  • yup i did try that.....that looks like it WOULD work but gives the desktop side open file warning prompt (same as if you'd do a command line install locally w/ a cmd / PS window opened as administrator

  • alright i figured this out by throwing in a PS action before the Teams exe step (run as logged on user) which unblocks the exe to get past that file open security prompt

    Unblock-File -Path \\fileshare\Microsoft\Teams\Teams_windows_x64.exe