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Custom Scan for Online PCs that need reboots and have no user logged in

We are a 7/24 operation, so I don't have the luxury of a maintenance window to force reboots.

I've been playing with the following:

1. Force a "computer information" scan every 2 hours.

2. Schedule reboots on a dynamic collection based on the following criteria:

Member of the Reboot Required/Workstations collection

Computer is Online

Current user does not contain (domain name)

Can I create a custom scan that only looks for online and no user rather than using the built-in "Computer Information" scan?

Or does someone have a more elegant method that I havent thought of yet?

Thanks all.



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  • A collection like this should give you what you're looking for:


  • I have a similar collection created.

    The issue is to be sure that the current state of the computer being online and no user logged in, requires a scan before the scheduled reboot deployment.

    I'm wondering if there's a shorter scan profile that I could use to identify if the computer is online, needs a reboot and there is no current logged in user. Rather than doing the complete computer info scan.


  • I think that scan is going to be about the quickest way to get that info unless you wanted to write a PS scanner to gather the current users and reboot needed status.

  • Brad,

    You can actually perform a scan as a step in a PDQ Deploy package. You could try having a schedule in PDQ Deploy to run e.g. every 2 hours with steps like this:

    1. Scan Computer Info
    2. Reboot
      Logged On State: Only run if no user is logged on

    If you want to also limit it to only computers with the "Needs Reboot" flag you could have a PDQ Inventory collection that contains only computers that need a reboot and are online and add membership in that collection as a condition of step 2.

  • Agreed with all comments here. For a full run-through, here's what we do:

    1. Have PDQ Inventory Scanner Profile Computer Info run every hour on all devices

    2. Create PDQ Inventory Dynamic Group

    3. Create PDQ Deploy Package with the following steps

    4. Set the Scan Profile for both Step 1 - Scan and Step 3 - Scan to Computer Info

    5. Set the Seconds before reboot option on Step 2 - Reboot to 0

    6. Set the Logged On State for Step 2 - Reboot to be Only run if no user is logged on

    7. Create a schedule for the new package and have it run every 15 minutes

    8. Set the schedules target to the PDQ Inventory dynamic group you made