Restart Chrome after update and restore all tabs



  • Mike Kercher

    My guess here would be that you're trying to restore the last session with the Deploy user account vs the logged on user.

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  • Razz Ashi

    Thanks Mike, but unfortunatly this happend with both, logged on user and deploy user account, so it should be something else.

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  • Luke Nichols


    PDQ Deploy packages are designed to wait until the previous command or step has finished running before proceeding to the next one. It is hanging because of the method you are using to call chrome.exe. When the package timeout is reached, it closes all running executables that were launched via the package which is also by design-- it's trying to clean up after itself.

    Try calling chrome.exe this way instead:

    start "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --restore-last-session" && exit 0

    That should open chrome and then close the command prompt with exit code 0 (success).

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