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Dell Command Update - 4.5 failing with Error code 2

Long time first time... 

So i'm deploying Dell command update 4.5 - the Universal Windows Edition to about 75 new computers for BIOS updates. No matter what, it comes back with Error code 2, which per Dell is "Unknown Error" -- great. 

Anyone else seen this? 




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  • Hello Mike,

    DCU likes to fail, especially during BIOS updates. In my org I've overcome this issue by disabling BIOS updates in DCU config (I belive, there is a proper flag in documenation) and using a separate installer for it:

    Kind Regards, Jaromir

  • Hi,
    Yes, I've spotted the same.
    When you have a look at the log file you'll notice that return code 2 means a restart is required after installation.
    That's why I "aligned" it in my script:
                # Dell Command Update installation returns reboot required as exit code 2
                # align it to DCU scan/applyupdates return code for reboot required
                if ($ReturnCode = 2) {
                    $ReturnCode = 1
    You can also just add 2 to list of successful return codes.