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User/Profile based Software Inventory

We are switching from Microsoft Teams VDI/Machine based installs (Program Files install) to User based (profile install).   When the user is logged into their desktop the application shows up in PDQ as an installed app for that desktop, however when they are not signed in it shows as not .  (i'm assuming something to do w/ it being a profile install maybe it doesnt show w/out that users HKCU hive loaded?).   Wondering if there is anything that we can do about this for PDQ to keep knowledge/info about those installs.  I know sometimes a user install will have some reference in programdata but not sure i can control what does/doesnt



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  • That may be a tough one.  You might take a look under the Collection Library and see if one of these collections might help you:

  • i do like that built in collection so thank you for the tip!  unfortunately its still missing some another interesting thing i'm noticing is it shows when i first deploy it as an installed application but as soon as they  reboot it never shows again regardless if they are logged in or not.   I even checked in Controlup (which also shows the installed applications) and does not show there either.  I do see Teams listed in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall though so not sure what else would be blocking it