Generating large Dynamic Collection XML externally for import - need a big collection of logged-on specific users



  • Luke Nichols


    If it were me, I would try using a regular expression for this.

    Admittedly, I have not ever created a PDQ Inventory dynamic collection value filter with 1500+ different values, so I have no clue how well this will perform.

    If you have a list of users in a text file with every username on a new line, you could open that list in notepad++ and use the find & replace function in "Extended" search mode, "Find what" set to \r\n and "Replace with" set to |

    Then click Replace All and you will get all of them on one line with a pipe between each one. You can then copy that and paste it into a PDQ Inventory collection like this:

    Again, you will have to test and see if this works for you. With 1500+ users it could be extremely slow or even crash PDQ.

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  • David Hendy

    yes! this works for me.


    holding steady 600-odd users so far. thanks

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