Filescanner not working as expected

Fellow Inventory-users,

I struggle with PDQ Inventory Filescanner a little bit.

Here is what I want to achive:

Find all *openssl.exe files on all drives.

The include pattern which I tried is: ?:\**\openssl.exe
or also tried ?:\**\*\openssl.exe

On one server I know that under D:\SUB\SUB\SUB\bin\openssl.exe there is a file but this scanner won't find it.

What am I doing wrong? Whats the correct syntax to find a wildcard file like blablaopenssl.exe on all disks?

I always end up using powershell but there must be a trick for file scanner :-)

Kind regards,



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  • The first pattern should work to find the files, but the scan is likely timing out and unable to return any data since all drives are being scanned. I'd recommend increasing your scan timeout from Options > Preferences > Performance > Computer Scan Timeout. Maybe try 30min to start.


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