Run As: Logged On User with Locked vs Disconnected sessions issue

We are deploying Microsoft Teams (user based ) install which installs to the users profile location:  C:\Users\profilename\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams

We've setup a deployment which runs the exe silently and the Run As option as Logged on User, and then launches the Teams exe also as Logged on User...

We're finding that this works fine on existing sessions when they are active or (locked) but not (disconnected) .....disconnected meaning the user is still logged on but disconnected the ICA session from their client but as far as Windows is concerned its still the same user logged on.

Running this deployment on those (disconnected) sessions shows as the install succeeded but investigating i found that instead of installing to:


its installing instead to:


Also I found that if we try and launch the client on a (disconnected) session it launches as a "system" user instead of the logged on user.  (doing this same task on an active or locked session launches properly as the logged on user.

anyone have any idea why this is doing this and any way to not have that happen?




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