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How do I restore PDQ inventory "default" collections

I might have accidentally deleted the OS default collection for client machines (win7, Win 10 etc).

How do I restore them ?

Do kindly note that I do not mind reinstallation or wipeout and fresh install of PDQ inventory (but not PDQ deploy which is on the same server).

I do not have config backups (it was previously set but I think my admins ran "backup" while trying to restore) so I only have 2 retentions that were only 1 hr old.




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  • Adrian,

    I copied mine and exported it to XML (for some reason you can't export the ones directly under the Collection Library).

    Here is a link if you want to download it and import it:

    Alternatively if you're uncomfortable with downloading an XML file some stranger uploaded to Google Drive, here are the contents of the XML file on pastebin. You can just copy and paste into notepad and save as a XML file:

  • Hi Luke, thanks for the effort but I got this error that says "cannot find stream surrogate for adminarsenal.PDQinventory.library.settings when I tried to import.

    But I think I have somehow created the OS collections manually using filters (Computer - O/S - Equals 10)