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Collection to scan for laptops that have not had a wifi card replaced

So we have had to replace some wifi cards in some laptops. I created a collection that pulls the specific model of laptop, but the issue that I want to do now, is once the card is replaced, I want it removed from the inventory. 

I created something that I thought would work, but nothing changes in my collecttion. I've attached what I have so far.






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  • Filtering can be a bit tricky, especially when you wish to exclude results. Change the hardware device filter to Not Any or Not All with the comparison equaling/containing the value.

    You can use the Does Not Contain or Does Not Equal comparisons for items that have a one-to-one relationship with the computer. For example, each computer will only have ONE OS. Each computer will have only ONE total value for memory. Items that have a one-to-many relationship will require the use of a group filter (Not All, Not Any) to filter them out. e.g. one computer will have MANY applications/hotfixes/etc.

    Hope that helps to explain how filtering works, and the following article goes over this as well.
    PDQ Inventory Filters: Usage & Examples