Is there a way to have a user kick off a deployment?



  • Mike Kercher

    I'm not aware of a way of doing this.  Depending on what your built package looks like, if it's just a powershell script or something like that, why not just copy that script to the user's Public Desktop?

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  • Michael Blum

    I ended up finding a way to make it work and wanted to share in case others come looking for a similar solution.  To make it work I had to add two arguments to the psexec command.  I had to use the -u and -p arguments to put in a user name and password.  To help protect the user name and password I created a hidden folder to hold the batch file that specifically denied users the right to list folder contents and then created a shortcut to the batch file that is placed on the Public user's desktop. The command in the batch file looks like this now

    psexec \\stanhope -u domain\username -p password -h -accepteula "c:\program files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\pdqdeploy.exe" Deploy -Package "Baseline Apps" -Targets Quintana Costanza

    I found that to read the batch file a user had to first change their view settings to see hidden files and then right click on the folder and change the security settings, which requires admin rights.  To increase the security of the situation I created a new user that basically could only start processes on the PDQ server and not do anything else. The batch file that calls for the deployment deletes the shortcut on the desktop and the hidden folder after it successfully calls for the deployment, so the hidden batch file doesn't stay on the computer any longer than it absolutely has to. 

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