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Download PDQ Inventory latest version and update check fails


anyone else having this problem?

For some days now, PDQ Inventory seems to not update its collection library - at least I think so because it does not yet have Firefox ESR 91.10.0.

Also, checking for updates only generates an error. I have compared my settings with PDQ Deploy which works entirely fine, both are running on the same server.

I can't download Inventory's latest version from our account, generates a blank page, Deploy link is working fine.

The little event notification on the top right is current an the same as in Deploy.

I have tested with no proxy at all and no firewall setting at all without success.



A. Schroeder



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    This has been resolved. Download links and update check should now be working, but may need to refresh the Inventory console (F5).

  • Yes, we have the exact same problem. "Check for new version failed" in Inventory only.
    I was able to trick it. Wen't to deploy and selected "Download" update. From the download url, I changed "Deploy" to "Inventory", and was able to download the new Inventory.

    Installed both Deploy and Inventory on Server, and then the clients, was able to update with the MSI from server.

    Both Clients (Server and Workstation) are still displaying error in right, lower corner "Check for new version failed" ...

  • Thank you, I didn't think of checking the actual download URL. At least I have a current version now . Seems like they got some links wrong.

  • Can someone please post the right URL

  • Appreciate the heads up on this, and we are currently working to resolve this issue with the Inventory update check and download link.