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User Profile Program Shortcut Dynamic Group filte

I am trying to build a dynamic group which will tell me any desktops that show the "Microsoft Teams.lnk" under their  c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs  directory.     That part i'm good w/ the below:

The issue I have is theres one specific service account on everyones desktop that somehow has this shortcut that I want to ignore so not sure how to exclude the Dynamic group from factoring that in (meaning ONLY show me desktops that have that .lnk file in local profiles other than that one service accounts c:\users dir if that makes sense



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  • Andrew,

    Try adding another value filter for "Files & Directories > Path > Does Not Contain > C:\Users\serviceaccount"

  • well damn that was a lot simpler than i was making it out to be!  thanks for the quick suggestion! that totally makes sense

  • No problem, glad it worked.