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Report for software baselines (and systems differing from that baseline)


I am a new PDQ user. I am looking to create a report which will show all the software installed on a computer(s) which is different that a version (NOT EQUAL TO) I can define.

I know I can run a basic report listing all the installed software, but I need to filter ANY of the applications which are different.

Can this be done on a basic report (using filtering) or a SQL report?

Many thanks




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  • Giles,

    Try this in a basic report:

    You can simply copy the contents of that pastebin, save it into a .xml file, then import it into PDQ Inventory.

    I threw some example applications and versions from my environment in there, obviously you will have to adjust them for your environment.

    This report will return any computer with any specified application not matching the specified version. If the application is absent or matches the baseline version then it will not show up in the report, so if you are looking to find missing applications as well it will need tweaking. If the same computer has several applications out of compliance with the baseline version then each application for that computer will show up in a new line on the report.

  • Hi Luke,

    Many thanks. Great base report I am now working on to enhance for our specific use.

    Thanks for the info.