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Windows Cumulative Update wait indefinitely on Step 3

After applying "Win 10 (1809) and 2019 May 19 2022" package on some Windows Server 2019, the package wait indefinitely on step 3, Win 10 / 2019 (1809) (64-bit), for a long time, my patience ended at 30 minutes.
I've connected to one server to search the reason at the Service.log of PDQ and the message that appears repeteadly for 20 minutes was  "Waiting for process to end...", and the last message different form that was " wusa.exe /i "Win10-1809-20220519-x64-kb5015018.msu" /quiet /norestart "

I've rebooted the server and suddenly the status of the deployment changed to "Successful".

Is it the normal way to apply CU packages on windows systems? I've to reboot manually every system prior to finalize the package?

Thanks in advance!



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  • After deploying the CU package, it is normal and recommended to reboot the machine afterwards. You may also add a reboot step as a Post Step to the package.