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Error 4010

Hi Team,

I'm getting Error Code 4010 an can't find a single article or mention of it anywhere. I'm calling an EXE which works fine when called locally.

Any ideas of what the code is?




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  • Hey Brent. Can you provide the install command you're using and any logs or error details you're getting in PDQ? 

  • Hi James, thanks for the quick reply. I'll do my best to get these posted today.

  • Ah ha! I finally found something about PDQ that is less than fricken awesome, manually navigating deployment output logs!

    I've created, undone and recreated the package a bunch of times so I'm a bit lost on where I'm at. It appears the 4010 error has happened a couple of times, "is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." appears to have cause a couple of them. That's when I see:

    I can't find a log that lines up with: 

    But I actually think this one installed successfully. The ideal command that should be running is:

    fme-desktop-2022.0.0.2-b22343-win-x64.exe -d"C:\FME\installer" -s -sp"/qb /norestart INSTALLLEVEL=3 ENABLE_POST_INSTALL_TASKS=no INSTALLDIR=""""""""C:\Program Files\FME2022"""""""""

    Following the installation doc here:

    I tried copying all the files to the client and then calling a batch that would do the above, which I did have working till I cleaned up the steps, and now it doesn't. I'm working to stitch that scenario back together now.

    What would be very helpful in this situation is a package versioning system. I sometimes bump into this, I get is such a mess I then try and back out of my testing only to find I can't get a deployment to work any more. Yes, package duplication is a good practice here, but I'm a lazy human and when you go through 30 iterations it gets a bit crowded.

  • We have an installer for FME as well, but we use the MSI. Not sure how we got it, maybe that's the extraction argument. If you run this locally on a machine, does it give you an MSI or another file in "C:\FME\installer"? There are a few other tricks you can try to get the MSI from the EXE as well. 

    If you can get the MSI, try a command like this:

    msiexec.exe /i "\\Share\fme-desktop-2019.2.2-b19817-win-x64.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /qb /norestart /log output.log INSTALLLEVEL=3 ENABLE_POST_INSTALL_TASKS=no

  • You can open the EXE with the likes of 7Zip and get to all the files that way. I have the MSI installer working, this EXE question is just about me figuring out what's going on. I don't like Googling an error code and finding nothing, was hoping I could contribute by firing up this question.

    FYI, you can add INSTALLDIR to the arguments if you need more than one version of FME. We run:
    msiexec.exe /i "fme-desktop.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log /qb INSTALLLEVEL=3 INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\FME\2022.0.0.2" ENABLE_POST_INSTALL_TASKS=no

    and "Include the entire directory"


    Anyway, back to the 4010 thing. So running purely what the FME doc suggests:

    fme-desktop-2022.0.0.2-b22343-win-x64.exe -d"C:\FME\installer" -s -sp"/qb /norestart INSTALLLEVEL=3 ENABLE_POST_INSTALL_TASKS=no INSTALLDIR=""""""""C:\Program Files\FME12345"""""""""

    Interestingly, the app actually installs correctly, annoyingly is doesn't clear the Installer DIR once it's finished. PDQ also doesn't produce an output log for this deployment and nothing in event viewer. Normally this is where I'd put 4010 as a success code and be done with it, but as I don't have any info on that code there's something to be learned here. 



  • It doesn't look like we use FME anymore. Last version we had was 2019 and it looks like that's probably the last time we ran it.

    Since it's an EXE causing the error I don't think there would be a general answer. It probably isn't giving PDQ anything to grab besides the failure code, so maybe its not logging. Is there is a switch for the EXE to create a log or any documentation on the vendors knowledgebase for this error?