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Report of how much public machines are used - not just their Uptime?

I'm trying of find a parameter for how much time of a machine's uptime there is actually someone logged in to the machine?

I support the public machines in the University Library - and we are at the moment setting up 34 machines to be used by visitors at the Library. We are interested in finding out how much the machines are used and if we should remove some of them — or group more machines somewhere. Asset management :-) Uptime is not a good enough value since the machines would be "up" while the Library is open.

Using the University's MS SCCM I found the parameters "Computer On (minutes)" and "Computer Active (minutes)" in the Class "Power Management Monthly Data" and for the computer labs managed by the Gothenburg University I can now get monthly reports of how much each machine is in use.  - Are there some similar values collected by PDQ Inventory that can be used to take out reports over how much the machines managed by the Library are in use? We are not interested in whom the users are — just how much each machine is in use. 




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