Is There a Way for PC's to Pull Packages with a Script?



  • Andrew Pla

    Hi Justin,

    I think that for the situation that you describe, a heartbeat trigger is your best option.

    Managing offline computers with Heartbeat Trigger | PDQ

    While not exactly what you are asking about, we have a blog that covers using PDQ Deploy from MDT that may have some other useful information for you. How to use MDT imaging in PDQ Deploy | PDQ

    "You can use a PowerShell script in conjunction with MDT to trigger a PDQ deployment targeting the machine MDT is imaging for those cases where you want to have newly-imaged machines ready to distribute to your users."

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  • Justin Rall

    Hi Andrew,

    I was thinking Heartbeat was probably the best option, but don't have it available at this time. Hopefully soon. The only down side is from my understanding it only triggers after a user is logged in and I believe I read it checks every 5 minutes or something like. It would probably still work just fine in most cases even at that.

    I will check the blog post you are referring to and see if there is anything that may be of benefit. I have figured out how to initiate the deployment from the PC itself with a script, but wasn't quite sure how to have it check and run the command if it was in a list that needed whichever package.

    I may try the trial of Inventory with Heartbeat for now and see how it works out.


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  • Mike Kercher

    The heartbeat doesn't require a user to be logged in.  All it does is watch for the computer to go from an offline state to an online state.

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  • Justin Rall

    Okay, sounds good. I thought I read in a forum post at one time that it did. I wasn't really sure why that would of been the case though. Thanks for the info Mike.

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