OU Folder Structure Missing

As of this week, we are missing our OU folder structure in Inventory.  I went to the length of disabling the firewall on both our Central server and DC temporarily.  Also, I removed all AD containers to sync and re-imported our domain root including sub-folders. 

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  I opened a support ticket, but so far, they provided nothing of substance to assist the troubleshooting process.  We are running Enterprise Mode 19.3.310.0 on Server 2019 Standard.



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  • We are on Enterprise Mode and our OU structure in PDQ Inventory is intact. I will try updating when I get a chance and let you know if it breaks anything for us.

  • I have seen this before when someone moves their OU structure into a different folder. If you type the name of your domain, are you able to see it?

  • Andrew Pla  You are correct!  Our AD structure inadvertently got moved underneath one of our dynamic collections.  Personally, I think PDQ should prevent that from happening.  (unless someone can think of a use case for all of AD to be under a dynamic collection. 

    Thank you for all of the replies.  I feel silly for not searching for our AD structure in the search field above.


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