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Powershell Mouse Clicks?

We are working to implement Cloudflare Zero trust.  They have a program called Cloudflared that gets installed on the PC and acts a VPN Tunnel.  However it fails to have the ability to "auto start" and sign in as the user.  All that needs done is to click the up arrow by the time and click the cloudflared warp icon to initiate the sign-in (see pic).   I've tried starting and stopping the program, starting and stopping the service..but it never actually works until you click that icon. . .  Can that be done with Powershell? If not any other suggestions how I can remotely deploy two mouse clicks so I don't have to rely on users to do that? 





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  • In the past, I've used AutoHotKey to send mouseclicks. Does the vendor provide any documentation on whether it is possible to silently connect?