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Filter on 2 software titles


I want to create a filter where it checks first if Office 365 (Microsoft 365) is installed and on the other hand it needs to check if the Webex plugin (Cisco Webex productivity tools) is installed (latest version The goal at the end is to have a list with machines where Office 365 is installed, but not the plugin. That way I can launch the installation (through PDQ Deploy) to install the plugin.

But I'm having trouble inserting the office 365 filter. It works without that using the Not Any option. I support I'll need to create another group filter with "any" or so. But I'm not sure. Can anyone help with this please?




Date Votes
  • All

    --- Any

    --- --- Application / Name / Contains / Office 365

    --- Not Any

    --- --- Application / Name / Contains / Cisco Webex productivity tools

  • I'm having already the filter (not any) for the webex. But how can I insert a seperate "Any"? Because when I try to add a new group filter it's putting this under the already existing Any filter.

  • Thank you by the way for the info.

  • Dear Luke, after recreating it's working now. I didn't look correctly and didn't see you've also put an All filter at the start. That did the trick. Thanks a lot!