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Reccuring dynamic collection for deployments older than 7 days ago

I have a scenario where I need computers to popup in a dynamic collection if the last successful deployment of the same package was longer than 7 days ago. This is a recurring deployment that is to be run every time the computer is in the dynamic collection.

I'm currently stuck getting the logic to work for this group and appreciate any insights on this.



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  • Something like this?

  • Yes something like that but I find the results to be inconsistent, for example I have right now one computer in the dynamic collection that has the package as successfully deployed on the 13th this month yet it is in said group.

  • Alexander,

    Try this:

    --- Any

    --- --- All

    --- --- --- Deployment / Package Name / Equals / <yourpackagenamegoeshere>

    --- --- --- Deployment / End Time / Before / 7 days ago

    --- --- --- Deployment / Status / Equals / Successful

  • Neither yields the desired result.

    If I go with:

    Then it gives me two results, one that has not been scanned and one that was scanned on the 13th and a few minutes ago.

    I'm thinking this has something to do with the fact that neither have a successful results prior to the "Before 6 days ago" requirement here.



  • You may need to add some additional logic such as a successful Application or Standard scan within X number of days.


  • You may also be running into issues where the same computer has several deployments of that package in its deployment history. Try this:


    --- Computer / Never Scanned / Is False

    --- Deployment / Package Name / Equals / <yourpackagenamegoeshere>

    --- Deployment / Status / Equals / Successful

    --- Not Any

    --- --- Deployment / End Time / After / 7 days ago

  • Luke Nichols

    Edit2: going with your filter settings for now as the one that's missing from the dynamic collection should not be there anyway (different brand, HP tools don't obviously work on it anyway).

    Edit: mine only sort of worked, yours gave a better result but is still missing those who have failed their deployment of said package



  • If you want to include those who have also failed the deployment then you can either move the Deployment Status value filter under a new Any group filter and add another value filter for failed or just modify the status value filter you already have like so:


    Deployment / Status / Matches Expression / Successful|Failed

  • That one works like a charm! Thank you Luke Nichols