Agent - MFA - VPN is Not a Solution

I know this is beating a dead horse but our company is going to require a MFA vpn by years end.

As you are aware, PDQ has no agent so therefor if machines aren't connected to a vpn they are pretty much useless with PDQ. Once MFA gets implemented, users will only vpn when they need something on the network, this could be weeks. As a result PDQ is useless for us.

A simple agent from PDQ would solve this as MFA will only get more and more integrated to our daily lives. The agent can just check our server for a heartbeat once it comes online.

Let me know if there is something that could resolve this. I like PDQ so I don't want to leave if there is a solution that I can pass to the security team on this.



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  • Jean,

    You must have missed the news about PDQ Connect. PDQ is essentially developing a new web-based inventory/deploy solution that will be agent-based. I can't find any official posts about it on their website but here is the VOD of their webinar about it:

  • Check out if you're interested in being a potential tester.

  • Perfect. Thank you for the quick response. I was unaware of that new product. This will certainly help. Watching the video now.


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