Can we use variables?



  • James D

    You could do something like the following for Variables.

    $Computer = Get-WmiObject -Class:Win32_ComputerSystemProduct | Select-Object -Property IdentifyingNumber
    $NewName = "Prefix$($Computer.IdentifyingNumber)"
    Computer -ComputerName "OldName" -NewName $NewName -DomainCredential Domain01\Admin01 -Force

    This would assign a name based the computers SN. It ultimately depends on how you are naming your computers. Yes it can be done, but the question is how complicated it will be. I believe you can also reference PDQ variables in Powershell scripts run from PDQ, but I have not done this myself.

    Since the script requires user interaction, it needs to be deployed as interactive or logged on user (I forget which).

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  • Jo Vanattenhoven

    OK, than you for the info. We'll play around already with this. 

    If someone else has suggestions or experience with it, please shoot.


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