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Creating dynamic collection for "missing" software.

I have created a Dynamic Collection to show me which PCs on my network have Sophos installed. This collection works great, and does not include PCs that do not have it installed. 

I want to make a collection for the opposite. I want one that will show me what PCs do NOT have Sophos installed. I figured I would do just the opposite as my previous collection. I created on as follows "Application" "Name" "Does not contain" "Sophos". However, this pulls in ALL 1000+ PCs on my network. Since I am fairly new to PDQ, I am sure I am missing something. Any tips?



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  • In my experience, this is usually an issue with using All or Any vs Not All or Not Any. Try doing it where it still says application name contains Sophos but change the row above it to Not All instead of All.

  • That was the ticket! Thank you for the assistance. We are coming over from Lansweeper and are still learning PDQ. 

  • We've been using it since 2015 and I couldn't imagine having to go without it now. I use it every single day.

    Just as a helpful suggestion, I would also say to pay attention to whether you have or want the "Drill down from parent collection" checkbox selected in a collection. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, that can make a big difference on your collection results.



  • We moved over from Lanseweeper because it basically quit working and could not get any assistance from their support. And I am thrilled! PDQ Inventory and Deployment blows Lansweeper out of the water. I have both up open on my PC all the time.