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How to create a command step to change directory of a deploy package

Hello team, I want to use pdq deploy to install sccm client: let me run you through how the installation is done manually: 1: copy the sccm client folder (I did this on pdq successful) 2. Change directory t the sccm client copied :c:-\sccm I inputted this using command on pdq but when I ran it, it gave no output and no error 3. Some command to check for prerequisites like file sharing enable etc( this worked well using pdq) 4. The command to install sccm client (now this is where I get error ) 'ccmsetup.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Can someone assist me


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  • I believe you should be able to do this with 2 steps:

    1. Your existing Command or PowerShell step that checks for prerequisites.
    2. An Install step that points to ccmsetup.exe, and has Include Entire Directory enabled.
  • Thanks, Colby, I was able to solve it. I would share the steps below for anyone who wants to do similar :

    1. copy folder to destination, in my case I use C:\sccm

    2. run the command to install the sccm client. now this was where I made a mistake I did not put the commands in single lines. cd c:\sccm is the command to change the directory to the folder your copied sccm client to in step one. the next command line is to install client: CCMSetup.exe /Source:c:\client smssitecode=<sitecode> SMSMP=<ServerFQDN>