How to create a command step to change directory of a deploy package



  • Colby Bouma

    I believe you should be able to do this with 2 steps:

    1. Your existing Command or PowerShell step that checks for prerequisites.
    2. An Install step that points to ccmsetup.exe, and has Include Entire Directory enabled.
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  • Oluwanifemi Falabi

    Thanks, Colby, I was able to solve it. I would share the steps below for anyone who wants to do similar :

    1. copy folder to destination, in my case I use C:\sccm

    2. run the command to install the sccm client. now this was where I made a mistake I did not put the commands in single lines. cd c:\sccm is the command to change the directory to the folder your copied sccm client to in step one. the next command line is to install client: CCMSetup.exe /Source:c:\client smssitecode=<sitecode> SMSMP=<ServerFQDN>

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