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Service-1 Folder

Hi, we are having issues upgrading Chrome, when upgrading it is looking to remove the previous version but cannot find the file located in c:\windows\adminarsenal\pdqdeployrunner\service-1\exec

We created a folder/file copy to create the location and copy the relevant file in, but as soon as the copy is complete the service-1 folder is deleted, is there a wayy to stop this folder from being deleted so we can do what we need to do to try and fix our chrome update issues




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  • Hi Allan,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble with Google Chrome.  There are a few different things worth trying:

    • If you haven't already, I recommend attempting to deploy the latest version of Google Chrome that's available in the Package Library. If the deployment fails, which error code are you getting?  Does the Output Log mention a missing installer in c:\windows\adminarsenal\pdqdeployrunner\service-1\exec?
    • Using the file copy method, if you add another step (Command Step) to that package and run the uninstall string - do you get any different results?  Please note that the uninstall string will differ depending on the version of Chrome you have installed.

    • Also using the file copy method, you may be able to first place the missing installer in c:\windows\adminarsenal\pdqdeployrunner\service-1\exec, then add a Nested Package step which runs the "Uninstall Google Chrome Enterprise" package from the Package Library.
    • Lastly, if only a few devices are having this issue, you may have to resort to using Microsoft's Uninstall Troubleshooter.  Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a way that tool can be automated, so removal using this utility will be a manual process.

    Hope that helps!