How can I do an OR statement using Ends With?


I've been away from PDQ for a bit and am a bit rusty.  I see there is an option to create a Dynamic Collection using "Ends With" which I don't remember being there in the past.  Anyway, how can I use this a specify multiple options?  I basically want to create a collection with all the servers that end with an odd number so I want to look for Ends With: 1 or 3 or 5, etc.

I tried using a Pipe, tried using ^/$, and a couple other things but I'm obviously missing something.




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    --- Computer / Name / Ends With / 1

    --- Computer / Name / Ends With / 3

    --- Computer / Name / Ends With / 5

    --- Computer / Name / Ends With / 7

    --- Computer / Name / Ends With / 9




    Computer / Name / Matches Expression / [A-Za-z0-9-]+1|3|5|7|9


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