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Collection Based on Multiple Items

I've done this before and forgotten how to do it. I want to build a collection based on a list of computer serial numbers. I know there is a line I can put in with the items e.g. (serial1,serial2, serial3,etc). Can someone help me with the full command?



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  • Here is what I would do:

    1. Get all of your serial numbers into a text file with each serial number on a new line.
    2. Open the text file with Notepad++
    3. Press ctrl+F to open the find dialog
    4. Switch to the "Replace" tab
    5. Find what: \r\n
    6. Replace with: |
    7. Click the radio button for Search mode: Extended
    8. Click Replace All
    9. This will put all of your serial numbers on a single line with a pipe delimiting each one
    10. Create your PDQ Inventory collection with this value filter:
    11. Computer > Serial Number > Matches Expression > paste the contents of your text file here
  • Perfect! Thanks!