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what endpoints have this KB installed

I would like to do a report that will tell me what computer on my domain have KBxxxxxxx installed on them ?  

(new to reports , first time trying) 



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  • PDQ classifies KB's as hotfixes so you can add a filter based on the KB you're looking for.

  • Thank you James this works. however when I try to do the opposite change it to  "Does Not Contain" to see to try to get a group that I could use to send out the update it does not seem to work it puts endpoints with the KB in that group.  Any thoughts ?  

    Again thanks for your input. 

  • To see the opposite, leave the collection as you showed above, but change your filter "All" to "Not Any".  See if that helps.

  • When I change it to Not Any I get a result of 0 

  • Take the Computer name eliminated anything with a Computer name :)

  • That worked . Thanks.