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Hi, how do I modify a dynamic collection self generated after a software was added in PDQ Deploy ?



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  • You can right click and duplicate (Alt+Insert) a collection in the Collection Library to create an identical collection and then make any changes you want. You won't be able to modify anything managed by PDQ. If you found a way to it would likely be wiped out on the next software update.

  • Are you looking to automate the modification of existing user-created collection(s) in PDQ Inventory based on changes in user-created collections in PDQ Deploy?  If so, it's possible with PowerShell with the not-supported but functional editing of the Inventory/Deploy databases.

    Recently worked through a similar need where manufacturer BIOS updates are downloaded with a combination of PowerShell/browser user JavaScript and then PowerShell is used to check the updates for new versions and update Inventory/Deploy accordingly.

  • I recommend using Custom Variables instead, if possible. You should only need to edit the database if you're adding or deleting Filters. You can update Custom Variables with the following command:

    PDQInventory.exe UpdateCustomVariable
  • Where are there command line options for Inventory listed?  Custom variables would be a cleaner option.

  • You have to use the Help command. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't cover the CLI very much.

    PDQInventory.exe Help
    PDQInventory.exe Help UpdateCustomVariable
  • Excellent.  Thanks!


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