Can I select multiple OUs when setting up AD Sync?


I'm trying to add a bunch of OUs into my AD Sync setup.  We have nested OUs where I can only add some of them but don't want others so I have to pick each one manually.  In the PDQ Inventory interface, it let's me select multiple OUs at a time with Ctrl+Click and/or Shift+Click.  However, it doesn't' honor those selections and only adds the topmost OU in my selection.

It would be great if either:

  • Selecting multiple OUs would add all of the OUs into the sync configuration


  • The program shouldn't let me select multiple OUs in the first place

I'd prefer the first option since it's annoying to have to manually pick and choose a few dozen OUs to sync when I could select them all with Ctrl+Click and be done within a few seconds.




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