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working on a deployment of a cab file (Win10 21H2 entitlement package) and using a cmd step with :   DISM /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:"C:\”

If i leave it like that, the task continues to run w/out completion.  If i try the command locally on a vm it looks like its a restart y/n? prompt.   I tried adding a /Quiet (to force a restart) and a /NoRestart to ignore (and then i'd throw in a restart step) those instances it completes but fails.  However the details of the step show it was successful.  If i reboot the vm the package shows it DID install correctly so curious what i'm missing in the pdq step so it doesnt show as "failed"



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  • If the details/logs for the step show as successful but the PDQ step shows as failed I recommend looking into the error code that is returned. If you find that the error code should be considered a success code, you can add it to the list of success codes for that step in the package.


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