TeamViewer 15.32.3

We have been using PDQ to update Teamviewer reliably for a couple years. We use the auto-downloaded PDQ-built package. Version 15.32.3 is consistently failing with this message "TeamViewer_Setup_15.32.3.exe returned error code 2".

The updates worked fine on the last version 15.31.5.

Is anyone else having this issue? How do I troubleshoot a stock PDQ package?





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  • I've not seen this error before with TeamViewer. If you reboot the target and attempt the deployment again, what are your results.
    Also, if there is an existing version installed, I'd suggest trying to uninstall that first.

    Is there a logfile at "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer.txt" that gives any indication about what could be halting the process?



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