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Add Folders to PDQ Deploy tasks

Can we get the ability to create folders in the Steps section that we can apply conditions to? Currently as it stands I used AD groups to manage the automated deployment of software, if they are in group X and don't have X software then install software and vice versa. At the moment I have to create 2 deploy tasks, one for installation, and one for uninstallation. To me it would significantly cleanup my PDQ deploy if I could instead just attach 2 schedules (one for install and one for uninstall) to the task and then have 2 folders inside the steps section, each using different PDQ inventory membership as their execution conditions. At the moment I can sill accomplish the same result by applying the conditions to each of the steps, but it looks extremely sloppy and can be quite hard to maintain.

TLDR; If we could include the ability to create folders to organize the job steps it would cut the number of PDQ Deploy jobs in half and help me better organize my existing PDQ Deploy jobs into extremely organized job steps. 



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  • I recommend creating separate packages for the installation and the uninstallation and attach the corresponding schedule to each package. By making use of dynamic collections, you can make it so that the installation schedule targets the computers that need it and the uninstallation targets computers that have the software and shouldn't. If you are currently using AD Groups to target, you should look into the "Member of AD Group" filter.

    PDQ Inventory Filters: Usage & Examples – Support