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Copy stage loop after 19.3.350.0 version update

We are getting random copy stage loops after PDQ 19.3.350.0 update. Basicly the package finishes copy stage, then reconnects and starts the same copy stage again. Loops till the timeout timer hits. Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?



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  • We've not had any reports of this yet, but if you haven't already please submit the details of this issue to so we can investigate further.

  • Rudi Rapala , are you noticing this behavior with Windows updates? I noticed that for some reason, the 2004/2009 update package we used to push out got renamed to 20H2/21H1/21H2, which was causing our push to do the same thing you're describing. Deleting the package and redownloading from the package library with the "new" name seems to have resolved the issue for us.

  • Looping was totally random and happened on all deployments. I did rollback to 19.3.317.0 yday and everything is running silky smooth now.