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Can I automatically deploy things when a computer is detected for the first time?


When we spin up a new machine, there are some basic things we push out to each computer.  Is there any way that when PDQ Inventory does a sync with AD, and it finds a new computer, that it could push a particular deployment to it right away?




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  • When we image machines, they are placed in a specific OU in AD.  I have a schedule that runs every 15 minutes against that OU and deploys a number of required packages.  The downside is the manual movement of machines out of that OU.

    Otherwise, you could setup heartbeat schedules for the packages you want installed.

  • The best I've found is to use Heartbeat, but you have to know a couple things about that going in.

    Main Thing: Heartbeat only triggers when a machine goes FROM offline TO online.

    When I add a new machine to Inventory, it's NEITHER offline NOR online because it wasn't in Inventory prior to that.  The first time the machine is in Inventory it's online.

    [Further, my schedules deploy software to machines that do not yet have the software installed, based on Collection Membership. My new computers need to be scanned in first before they are added to these collections.]

    Once I have the new computer added to Inventory and fully scanned, I disconnect it from LAN in one of two ways
              Option a) Physically disconnect LAN                Option b) Trigger a reboot from Inventory

    I then right-click the machine and click "Heartbeat" until the computer shows offline.  I reconnect to LAN (or wait for the reboot to complete) and right-click the machine and click "Heartbeat" again. At this point the machine shows as online after having been offline, so the Heartbeat Trigger activates my dozen or so schedules.  There's a slight delay depending on how busy my Deploy server is, but this works pretty well.

    I agree that I wish there was a direct way to trigger schedules upon importing a machine to Inventory.