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Hello, I need a way to see which user has added an additional private mail to his Outlook Account, so I can delete them.

Is there any way to read this out of the Registry or with a PS scricpt?




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  • Found a Solution.

    Create Reg Scanner:



    Than create Report

    Filters: Registry -- Value Name -- Contains -- Email

  • Click View > Add Columns
    In the Show Columns dialog do the following: football legends
    Click New Column button
    In the New Column dialog specify a name for the new column
    Choose "Formula" for "Type"
    Paste this formula into the "Formula" box
    IIf(InStr([SearchFromEmail], "@") = 0, "", Left([SearchFromEmail], InStr([SearchFromEmail], "@") - 1)+"@"+Mid([SearchFromEmail],InStr([SearchFromEmail],"@")+1))
    Click OK to return to the "Show Columns" dialog
    Select the new column and move its place in the list
    Click OK to close this dialog.
    The senders full email addresses will now be displayed in the mailing list.


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