.NET 3.5.1 (Win11 22H2) package problems

On Friday I noticed a new package approval waiting for .NET 3.5 but when I tried to approve it, it just hung and didn't disappear from the list at all. Today I had the same behviour after restarting PDQ and the Background Service a few times. I ended up deleting the .NET 3.5 package I had in PDQ and trying to download it fresh. That's when I got this error "Could not find a part of the path."

Is this a known error, or is it perhaps a problem on my end?



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  • Were you ever able to successfully download that package? It downloaded fine for me a few minutes ago.

  • Yes, I was. The problem was that the path was too long. .NET 3.5 has some ridiculously long filename and the path to my repo was located deep under Program Files > Admin Arsenal > etc... so I moved the repo to C:\Repo which got me under the Windows path length limitation of 260 characters, and voila - it worked. .


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